Local Attractions

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Attractions Distance Distance by car Length of Drive
Algonquin College 13.0 km 16.9 km 19 minute drive
Bytown Museum 5.1 km 7.7 km 17 minute drive
Byward Market 4.7 km 5.9 km 12 minute drive
Calypso Theme Waterpark 34.8 km 61.8 km 46 minute drive
Camp Fortune 19.8 km 26.0 km 35 minute drive
Canada’s Aviation and Space Museum 4.3 km 5.1 km 11 minute drive
Canada’s Science and Technology Museum 2.3 km 3.3 km 8 minute drive
Canadian Museum of Civilization 6.1 km 9.9 km 16 minute drive
Canadian Museum of Nature 4.6 km 5.3 km 9 minute drive
Canadian War Museum 6.6 km 8.9 km 17 minute drive
Carleton University 6.7 km 8.7 km 13 minute drive
Casino du Lac Leamy 7.8 km 10.6 km 17 minute drive
CE Centre 10.1 km 16.6 km 20 minute drive
Central Experimental Farm 7.8 km 12.6 km 14 minute drive
Chateau Cartier Golf Course 11.4 km 14.3 km 19 minute drive
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario 2.9 km 5.2 km 11 minute drive
Chinatown 5.9 km 6.8 km 12 minute drive
Cosmic Adventures 1.2 km 2.3 km 7 minute drive
Currency Museum 5.5 km 6.9 km 12 minute drive
Downtown Ottawa 5.0 km 5.9 km 11 minute drive
Gatineau Park 16.8 km 20.4 km 24 minute drive
Laser Quest 2.1 km 2.6 km 7 minute drive
Minto Skating Club 2.9 km 4.0 km 10 minute drive
Monfort Hospital 2.5 km 3.3 km 8 minute drive
National Arts Centre 4.9 km 5.6 km 11 minute drive
National Gallery of Canada 5.2 km 7.7 km 15 minute drive
Nepean Sportsplex 13.9 km 18.4 km 23 minute drive
Ottawa Art Gallery 4.5 km 5.3 km 10 minute drive
Ottawa Central Station (Greyhound) 5.1 km 5.5 km 10 minute drive
Ottawa Convention Centre 4.6 km 7.1 km 12 minute drive
Ottawa Hospital: Civic Campus 7.7 km 8.7 km 12 minute drive
Ottawa Hospital: General Campus 2.8 km 4.7 km 10 minute drive
Ottawa Hospital: Riverside Campus 4.0 km 5.6 km 12 minute drive
Ottawa International Airport 10.9 km 18.0 km 24 minute drive
Ottawa Stadium 1.7 km 2.7 km 6 minute drive
Ottawa Train Station 1.6 km 2.8 km 8 minute drive
Ottawa Trainyards 1.7 km 4.0 km 8 minute drive
Parliament Hill 5.2 km 6.0 km 13 minute drive
Pine View Municipal Golf Course 2.6 km 4.6 km 8 minute drive
Place D’Orleans Shopping Centre 11.0 km 12.6 km 12 minute drive
Preston Street “Little Italy” 6.5 km 7.1 km 10 minute drive
Rideau Canal 4.1 km 6.2 km 10 minute drive
Rideau Centre 4.6 km 5.6 km 11 minute drive
Royal Canadian Mint 5.2 km 7.2 km 14 minute drive
Scotiabank Place 26.8 km 28.9 km 25 minute drive
Sparks Street Mall 5.3 km 7.1 km 12 minute drive
Splash Wave Pool 3.0 km 3.6 km 8 minute drive
St Laurent Shopping Centre 487 m 600 m 3 minute drive/7 minute walk
St Paul University 3.8 km 5.8 km 10 minute drive
Supreme Court of Canada 5.7 km 7.0 km 13 minute drive
University of Ottawa 4.1 km 4.7 km 8 minute drive

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